About SingleParent411

Welcome to SingleParent411! My name is Joy Monroe. I am the Founder of SPARC (Single Parent Alliance & Resource Center), a 501 c 3 non profit organization located in Atlanta, GA. I am also the host of SingleParent411, the BlogTalk Radio Show dedicated to educating and empowering single parent families. I am the single mom of two young men, who have just crossed over into the wonderful world of young adulthood.

This blog is devoted to the healthy development of single parent families with the idea that while single parenthood is difficult, even challenging, it is not impossible. With hard work, dedication and the willingness to take the extra steps necessary, single parents can and do nurture healthy families.

This blog is not designed to recruit single parents, nor promote the idea that single parenthood is best. It is designed to recognize that single parenthood exists and to encourage and support single parents like me – single parents that are out there, standing in the gap, fighting the good fight to raise healthy and well adjusted children. It is for single parents who are working double time, past exhaustion and frustration, often without help, to ensure healthy futures for their children.  It is for single parents who could use advice, a place to bounce ideas around and a word of encouragement while they are on this journey. It is for single parents who have heard the statistics but have decided that they will succeed in spite of the odds. They will do whatever it takes to ensure that their children mature into healthy productive citizens. This blog is for you!

Welcome to SingleParent411!

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