Why Take A Parenting Class?

After all, children don’t come with a manual.  How often have you heard that said? More than once, I’m sure.  It is a fact that babies are not born with an operating manual.  Parents have used this truth to comfort themselves and other frustrated parents throughout the ages.  Nowadays, however, parenting classes are becoming more and more available as well as more and more accepted.  As negative statistics in the youth population continue to rise, parents seek out or are even court mandated to participate in parenting programs.  Is there some validity to this or are parenting classes a waste of time? 

A popular stance is — either you are a good parent or you are not.  You cannot learn to be a good parent.  Parents who have taken parenting classes, however would disagree.  There is a great deal of value in taking a parenting class, no matter your situation. 

Any family that has ever faced a crisis can tell you that they wished that they had taken preventive measures to avoid the crisis. Taking a parenting class is such a preventive measure. Learning and implementing new techniques before a crisis occurs will increase the odds of dealing with the crisis in a respectful manner.   Even for those who already feel comfortable parenting, there may be times when interactions become more intense and complicated. By learning new solutions when life is running smoothly, you will be ready to use loving, respectful discipline instead of anger, yelling or other out of control behaviors if the situation presents itself.

It is especially valuable to participate in a parenting program if you are a single parent.  The simple, practical parenting solutions offered in these workshops will equip you to    parent with a heavy emphasis on love, respect and dignity for children in addition to providing you with the methodology for implementing these practices into your every day family life.  It will also help you to pre plan for the emotional, physical and financial demands of single parenting.

Most importantly, a single parent workshop balances its emphasis on providing essentials for children with an equal emphasis on providing comprehensive support for you.  After all, it is SPARC’s philosophy that by strengthening the parent, you thereby strengthen the child, creating an overall stronger family unit.  Stronger families nurture stronger children thereby providing communities with healthy, productive and successful adults.

A major focus of all SPARC programs is to encourage single parents to build their own network of support.  By participating in a parenting class with other single parents, you are provided with a chance to take the first step in building this network.  Parent workshop participants are afforded the opportunity to network and build a support system with other single parents in the workshop facing these same challenges in their own community.

So, take a parenting class. Learn something new. Network and meet new people.  Begin building or expanding your network of support today!

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Why Take A Parenting Class?

  • I fully support your views in this post! It always baffles me why governments don’t offer parenting classes as standard, even compulsory. It’s obvious but true to say that the children of today are the adults and society of the future so why wouldn’t we want them to get the best start they can from their parents?

    And by helping parents, paricularly single parents to build support networks this helps the society and people of today!