Fantasia proves dreams deferred are not denied

Dreams deferred are not dreams denied, as proven by single mom American Idol Season 3 winner, Fantasia Barrino. Fantasia, who was made more famous by her memoir and Lifetime Movie, “Life is Not a Fairy Tale,” learned a valuable lesson this past week. While life may not be a fairy tale, with a little hard work, commitment and dedication, single parents can make even deferred dreams still come true.

At the age of 25, after publicly admitting her battle with illiteracy, Fantasia walked across the stage of her former high school in North Carolina in full blown cap and gown to receive her honorary high school diploma after successfully completing all of the requirements for her GED.

While some have criticized her for her illiteracy and single parent status, she should be commended for having the courage to go back and finish what she started. In completing her high school education, she has set a positive example for her children and shown them that she values education by going back to complete her own. Rather than look down on her for dropping out, she should be commended for correcting that mistake and going back to finish.

Fantasia’s ever evolving story proves that a life interrupted by poverty, rape, illiteracy, pregnancy and single parenthood can still be put back on track. A period of struggle does not have to equate to a lifetime of failure. She has proven that a dream deferred is not a dream denied.

Congratulations Fantasia for doing the work to make your dreams come true!

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